Open Clogs

This clog is designed for upto the D+ width foot for additional comfort. It is composed of the same special PU mix materials and thus offers the same shock absorbing orthopaedic comfort as with our other models.

Features include :

* Suitable for upto D+ wider foot fittings
* Full Cushion Sole And Insole With Contoured Heel Cup
* Materials Used Retain their properties
* Designed With Shoe Like Security Allowing The Feet To Feel Fully Supported
* Orthopedic & Anatomic Insole With Toe Arch Support For Feet And Posture Alignment
* Removable Lined Soft And Springy Insole - Can be washed separately
* Lined Throughout With Leather Feel Antimicrobial Lining For Inhibiting Foot Odor
* With Or Without Side Ventilation On All Styles
* Bubble Feature on the Sole and Insole for Gentle Foot Massage with Every Step To Assist Standing Fatigue
* Totally waterproof and washable to 60C
* Antistatic
* Infection control compliant

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SKU Product name   Price  
BAL-OP-L5-Fuschia-V Ladies Open Clogs
  • £36.67
BAL-OP-M7-White-V Mens Open Clog
  • £36.67
SKU Product name   Price  
BAL-OP-L5-Fuschia-V Ladies Open Clogs
  • £36.67